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iPhone Panorama Tricks - vertical panorama

You can take panorama photos either from side to side or from up to down. Taking a panoramic photo using your iOS device Go to you your apps and open Camera Swipe the screen to the left to change modes. If you're on the normal mode (Photo), you need to swipe twice to change the mode to Pano. Make sure that you're holding your phone upright (portrait mode). By default, taking a panorama picture starts from the left going to the right, but you change directions by tapping the arrow. Tap the capture button in the bottom center to start taking your pano photo. Start to pan from left to right (or right to left if you changed the direction)...

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Top 10 iPhone Panorama Photos on Pinterest

Back in the photographic film days, either you used a swing lens camera or a specialized lens to capture panoramic images. When the age of digital photography came, you needed a tripod with a panoramic head to capture perfect panoramas, not to mention the time to stitch it in Photoshop. iPhone cameras made panoramic imaging easy. Just get your iPhone, add a set of arms that can swing and a little imagination and you can make great panoramas! Here are our top 10 panorama photos taken on iPhone on Pinterest (credits to the owner of the photos). Found on Colors shine great in broad daylight, but having nightscape panorama shots are always a charm. In this image, the lights from...

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User iphone panorama photos on billboards

We knew that panorama photos taken on the iPhone 6 look great, even at our The Big One 150" wide iphone panorama print product, but we didn't realise they could stretch to billboard size! According to Adweek,  Apple is putting users' iPhone 6 photos on billboards as well as print ads which included a by David K. in Dubai which illustrates how centering on a large object such as a spire tower is highly effective in panorama photos as embedded below:   Want your own iphone panorama photos printed? Check out our panorama range on the homepage.

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Best Ski iPhone Panoramas from 2013/14

It’s great to get posting again with ski iphone panorama photos from this new 2014/15 season. We’ve had a great new panorama from the catered ski chalet hotbed of Morzine: As the new winter 2013/2014 season is back in full swing we look back at the best winter panorama photos from last season and look forward to printing new ones this season.

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