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Top 5 iPhoneography Blogs

One very common misconception in photography today is that the phone camera isn’t worthy of being used by serious photographers. The following list of blogs/bloggers that we follow proves this misconception wrong. They are serious about iPhoneography and share their knowledge through video and written tutorials, give us editing advice and show us great techniques to use to capture the perfect photo. David Pasillas is an avid iPhone 5s user who shoots and edits with his iPhone. David picked up his first 35mm camera at the age of 16 and has since been recognized for his amazing work by the likes of USA Today and Emerald Magazine for his iPhoneography. David has also been recognized often for his work with...

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The Panorama Option on the Iphone 6S and 6S Plus!

Hopefully by now you have used the Panorama option on your iPhone. If not, you should definitely use it! Our last email detailed the amazing ways that you can use the Panorama option to make fantastic shots of anything from scenic views to shooting buildings up and over your head! iPhone is expanding their Panorama option everyday! The pictures you take are now up to 43 megapixels in quality and getting better all the time. Combined with the new advances in printing technology, you can have pictures in your home that you had never thought possible until today! Here is a reminder of some great tips to get the most out of your panorama shots: Try to keep the camera...

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How To Take Great iPhone Photos

In the past, taking good photos inherently required lots of equipment, experience and time. It was not a profession, let alone a hobby, for everyone. These are still very important features in professional photography today, yet we are now in the age of “iPhoneography”, where these pocket devices can take splendid snapshots in a matter of seconds, without the need to carry any camera bags with you. Any user can take high-quality photos, ready to be printed or framed at no expense of quality. Back in 2012, photojournalist, Dan Chung took all his shots at the Olympics with an iPhone 4S. The results were surprisingly good, and as a photojournalist, being able to upload images just as he took them...

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Breaking: New iPhone 6S will take 63MP panoramas!

Just announced at the September 2015 Live Apple event that the new iPhone 6S will be able to take 63 megapixel panorama photos and will also come with a new 5MP FaceTime camera on the front side which may also be able to take selfie panoramas - we wait to see! Update 09/25 We've just taken and printed our first photo on the new iPhone 6s Plus camera and it's a beast! We managed to get 16374 pixels wide by 3866 pixels high which is 63.6 megapixels wide and at 36" is an insane 454 pixels per square inch!

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How To Get Full-Sized iPhone Panorama Photos On Your Mac

We've just been sent the largest and highest resolution iphone panorama photo we've even seen. Taken on the iPhone 6+ a customer just sent through a whopping 13600px wide by 2800px photo - 38MP! - and printed at 36" wide this produced a photo at 380ppi. This is truly crazy stuff.  But how do you make sure that you send to us the full-size image in these confusing days of iCloud Photo Stream vs iCloud Photo Library without having to connect your iphone to your Mac using a wire (it's 2015 after all!). Well in the new Mac Photos app (with the latest update of Yosemite) you can choose to turn on iCloud Photo Library to keep all your photos stored...

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