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Top 5 iPhoneography Blogs

One very common misconception in photography today is that the phone camera isn’t worthy of being used by serious photographers. The following list of blogs/bloggers that we follow proves this misconception wrong. They are serious about iPhoneography and share their knowledge through video and written tutorials, give us editing advice and show us great techniques to use to capture the perfect photo.

David Pasillas is an avid iPhone 5s user who shoots and edits with his iPhone. David picked up his first 35mm camera at the age of 16 and has since been recognized for his amazing work by the likes of USA Today and Emerald Magazine for his iPhoneography. David has also been recognized often for his work with a Nikon camera. You can check out all of his awards and mentions here. He also offers one on one lessons, consultations, Skype lessons and mentoring. You can check out his work here

This is a great blog to watch if you are looking for tips, tricks and techniques. It is always up to date with the latest headlines and iPhone news. iDownloadBlog also provides lists of many apps for photo editing and photo shooting and for boosting your creativity. Check them out here

One of our favorite blogs to follow, The iPhone Photography School offers up so much to iPhoneographers of all levels! They offer  great tutorials on all aspects from taking an amazing photo to editing it - all with an iPhone. The iPhone Photography School has weekly contests which you can participate in by simply registering with them. Check out their latest contest at and submit your photo today!

If you are an avid iPhoneographer looking for iPhone photography classes, workshops or simply want to take a cruise by and appreciate the photos that an iPhone can create, stop by Karen L Messick iPhone Adventures. Karen is available to teach students of all capacities how to snap and process your iPhone photos with exciting and unique apps. She has written and published many helpful iPhone articles which you can find here.

Jack Hollingsworth, of Iphoneography Today is a self proclaimed obsesser of iPhoneography. His feed includes all of the relevant up to date information and articles on the iPhone and iPhoneography. Check out his extensive list of curated iPhoneography content here .

Whether you are a beginner, an avid iPhoneographer or if you are simply one of the many who has misconceptions about the seriousness or legitimacy of the iPhone capabilities when it comes to photography, we suggest taking a peek at these top iPhone blogs. They will change the way you see the iPhone in the photography world.

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