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What is a Gallery Wrap or Canvas Wrap?

A gallery wrap is a finished, ready-to-hang canvas print with no visible frame. Basically, the canvas print is stretched tight around a 1.5”or 2" internal wood frame so that the edges of the canvas, and the wood, do not show. The corners are hidden by a blind fold, and the image continues around the sides of the frame.

gallery wrap image
Original print wrapped around frame.

Gallery wrap canvas prints are excellent alternatives to framing in that they will work with almost any decor and color scheme. Gallery-wrapped prints present the viewer with a different view from all sides of the picture, and generally cost less than the same size framed print.

At iPanorama Prints, our canvas is laminated with a protective finish that protects the canvas and increases longevity. You may choose gloss (a slight glossy sheen) or lustre (a very low glare finish).

What kinds of images would work as gallery wraps?
Almost any image will work as a gallery wrap. Our first approach is to wrap the image you send around the frame size you specify. If you give us special instructions, we can keep all of your image on the front of the canvas, making a wrapping border by adding colored or mirrored borders, or extending image elements.

If we are using only your original image, with no borders, you’ll want to pick an image with less-important elements on the edges. If your family portrait is cropped closely, you might end up with heads, feet or arms wrapped around the sides.

Panoramas are a special case. It is technically difficult to stretch the canvas tightly for a panorama print that has a short side of less than 12 inches, and we recommend changing to one of our ready-to-frame products.

How much space do we need for the wrapping border?
We will wrap 1.5” to 2" on each side of the canvas print around the frame.

What are my wrapping options?

  • Standard Procedure: Your image is adjusted to a final size that is 3" to 4" more, on each side, than the print size you ordered. This extra canvas is wrapped around the side of the frame to produce your size.

    Example: You order a 16 x 20 wrapped print. We enlarge your image proportionately, so that the short side is 19 inches. If the long side side ends up greater than 23 inches, the extra is cropped off, keeping the main part of the image on the front.

How long will my print last?

We use pigmented Vivera inks that will not fade for years. The addition of the gloss or lustre lamination extends the rating to 100+ years. The laminate protects the print from UV light, dirt and airborne contaminants and allows for cleaning the surface. Please see Media Specifications for more details .

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