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How do you do your canvas gallery wrap?

This beautiful treatment stretches the canvas tightly on a hidden wood frame, so it is ready to hang on the wall. With gallery-style wrapping, the image goes around the side of the frame. The thickness of the finished product is 1.5 inches, providing an attractive "3 D" effect.

Gallery Wrap is an alternative to framing a canvas print, since it is completely finished in the style of canvas paintings displayed in art galleries.

Ordering instructions: order the size you want as seen from the front. A portion of the picture will be "wrapped around" to the sides to create the gallery wrap effect.  Details near the edge of the original image may appear on the side. 

Thickness: 18 mil for Matte, 21 Mil Lustre or Gloss Canvas,
  approx 3/16" for Ready To Frame,
  approx 1.5" for Gallery Wrap

Max Width:
59.4” Max Length: 50'
  RTF limited to about 4' x 8' or 5' x 10' for 1/2" board,
  Canvas Gloss & Lustre RTF max size 50" X 96"
  Gallery Wrap limited to 54" x 72"

Permanence rating:
>200+ years
Surface Protection:
Gloss & Lustre~ scratch resistant and washable
Acid Free:
Hewlett Packard

When ordering a print we add a border to the final print size as we stretch the print over the frame We two inches for stretching and add a 1" inch border to the picture to allow you to handle the print without touching the printed surface. .
Borders always add to the print size, they do not reduce the image size.

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