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iPhone Panorama Print Size

There are some moments you capture with your iPhone that makes it worthwhile to share. Some of the most gorgeous photos come from panorama shots using the iPhone.

We find that the panorama photos one take on iPhone looks the best on the screens as well as on prints. The new iPhone like iPhone X or iPhone 8 has much better camera so the resolution is a lot more robust. That doesn't mean the older iPhone doesn't have good resolutions. All iPhones have the capabilities to take great panorama photos.

panorama landscape

There are some limitations to the print sizes of the panorama photos though.

With the latest iPhone, you can print as large as 120" width panorama print and not lose any quality. Not many people will have the need or desire to print something that big.

We generally find people like the size 36" width panorama print. It's not too big or small. It's just right to hang up on the wall of your home or your office. However, there are smaller size like 18" width panorama print or larger like 72" width size as well.

It's important to check the resolution of your panorama photo before you make the decision to print the bigger sizes just to see if the quality of the print would be reduced. Sometimes the reduced quality would look pixelated when it is printed and you don't want that to be displayed on the wall.

It's also important to keep the panorama photo in proportion in terms of the width and height. It would look very odd to have disproportionate photo if the sizes were mismatched.

distorted photo

These are some of the things to watch out for when you are ready to print your panorama photo. Feel free to email us to find out how your panorama photo would look in print and we can suggest to you the print size that would look the best.

Here at iPanorama Prints, we have a range of print size selections from 18" to 120". You can choose from just print by itself or add a frame or even make it into a canvas like those decor you see in a museum. Whatever your need is we can make it happen.

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