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How To Print Panoramic Photos From iPhone

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One way of rekindling our past precious moments is by shooting stunning panoramic photos. Today, photography has been advanced immensely through the introduction of smart devices which capture quality photos thanks to their powerful cameras. One such device is the iPhone.

Due to its rising popularity, the iPhone has become one of the best smartphones used by the majority of amateur and professional photographers to capture the full spectrum of whatever they see whether it’s taking photos of their family members, the stunning horizon or the sun setting on the beautiful landscapes.

The reason why the iPhone has gained popularity in the photography arena is due to the addition of the panoramic photo feature. With such a stunning feature, all you need to do is simply open the pano and capture high-quality photos of the beautiful landscapes and things around you.

Now that you’ve captured and saved lots of pano shots in your iPhone, will you just let them stay dormant in your phone’s memory or will you prefer to bring them to life through printing and displaying them in your living room or office?

You see, some people might prefer to buy panoramic photos from online stores. However, if you’re searching for something more real and authentic, one way of doing it is by printing your own panoramic photos from your iPhone. To ensure that you get the best out of your iPhone pano shots, this article will walk you through a detailed guide on how to print panoramic photos from your iPhone.

How big do you wish to print the photos?

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This is the first question you need to ask yourself when planning to print pano photos from your iPhone. You see, there are three main photo qualities you’ll expect to achieve when printing which are excellent, good, and fair. As you all know, the smaller the photo print, the sharper and clearer the image quality will be. On the other hand, the larger the photo print is, the poorer you’ll expect the image quality to be.

Why does this happen? You see, digital photos are made up of tiny pixels. When the image size is increased, the size of these pixels also increases meaning the bigger the picture, the poorer the image quality will become while the smaller the picture, the sharper the image quality will become.

With that being said, it’s now evident that the camera quality of your iPhone is what will enable you to print large photos or small photos without compromising the image quality. To give you a clear understanding of what we’re talking about, the table below will highlight different iPhone models and the maximum image sizes they’re able to print.

The Maximum Print Sizes for iPhone Panoramic Photos

The Maximum Print Sizes for iPhone Panoramic Photos

iPhone Model

iPhones 4S, 5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus (8 Megapixel cameras)

iPhones 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+ and iPhone X (12 Megapixel cameras)

Excellent Quality

Maximum Print Size

10.88×8.16 inches

Maximum Print Size

14.29×9.49 inches

Good Quality

Maximum Print Size

16.32×12.24 inches

Maximum Print Size

21.44×14.24 inches

Fair Quality

Maximum Print Size

21.76×16.32 inches

Maximum Print Size

28.59×18.99 inches

From the table above, it’s evident that the higher the pixels on a photo, the bigger you’ll be able to print it without compromising the image quality. The earlier iPhone models had smaller pixel counts of 8-Megapixels which mean each pano photo captured has 8 million pixels. On the other hand, the newer versions of iPhones have 12-Megapixel cameras which again mean the images captured have 12 million pixels.

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From the above demonstration, it’s now clear that the iPhone model you’re using will play a huge role in determining the size of the photo you wish to print. If you wish to print large panoramic photos, you need to use the newer models of the iPhone as the huge 12-Megapixel camera will enable you to print a large pano photo without compromising the image quality.

How to print panoramic photos from your iPhone

Step one: the first step is to select the photos you wish to print. If you haven’t taken any photos, you can do that by simply opening the camera app then scrolling to “pano” option.

Step two: After you’ve selected the photos, you can decide to customize them by adding special effects to make them more appealing. Here, you’ll need to download some editing apps such as Snapseed, VSCO, Filterstorm Neue, Enlight, and Mextures among others.

Step three: now that the photos are well set, its time to transfer them to your PC or Mac computer. Here, you can consider connecting your iPhone to a cable then transfer the photos to your computer or you can simply send the photos to your email then retrieve them using your computer. If you discover that the image quality has been affected during transfer, you can consider downloading a transfer program online to make the process much easier.

Alternatively, you can opt to print the photos directly from your iPhone. Here, you can consider using some excellent photo printing apps available in the app store. Some of these apps you might consider downloading include; Shutterfly, Free Prints, Snapfish, Print Studio, and Truprint among others. Consider using iPanorama Prints for the best quality panorama prints.

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Step four: now that the photos are ready to be printed, it’s time to select an ideal printer that will accomplish this task with ease. Now, there are many brands and models of printers available in the market. However, not all of them are compatible with iPhones. Therefore, to ensure that you finalize your photo printing project successfully, it’s recommended that you take your time to learn more about the best printers to use depending on the material and the type of prints you wish to achieve.

Wrap Up

That’s it for today. If you’re planning to print your best panoramic photos from your iPhone, I believe you now have a head start on how you can achieve this. When printing your photos, always consider the distance where the photo will be viewed from and the image quality.

If the print is to be viewed at a close range, make sure the printed image is small enough to maintain a high resolution. On the other hand, if the printed photo is to be hanged on the wall, then a bigger print will be appropriate as the small image quality issues will not be visible.

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